A 3-D anatomical version of you on your mobile device.


Personalized Avatar

Medical Avatar creates a 3-D anatomical version of you on your smart phone or tablet. Our app allows you to take a photo of yourself that is transformed into a 3-D model of your head. Your virtual body can be customized based on broad body types such as ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph (or combinations of these body types). You can also enter more precise measurements to match you to your avatar.

You can then connect all of your health information to this virtual body, including medical content and 3-D animations that can help you learn and understand your condition more effectively.

Studies suggest that seeing relevant health information on a representation of your own body, compared with a generic male or female body, significantly increases comprehension, motivation, and memory. Better encoding of information related more directly to one’s self is called the self-reference effect.

Better understanding leads to optimal patient physician communication, fewer misdiagnoses, greater treatment adherence, and reduced readmissions following discharge from the hospital. The avatar helps put the patient at the center of his or her own care to improve quality and decrease the rising costs of healthcare.