Time travel in your own body.




No one can predict the future, but each of us can reflect on our past and make changes in the present to improve our chances of a healthier tomorrow. Good choices we make every day – what we eat, how well we sleep, how much we exercise – can reverse chronic conditions and lead to decades of strength and vitality. Poor decisions may result instead in worsening states of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even premature death. These frameworks that we develop for our own decision-making processes are called personalized mental models.

Medical Avatar helps you shape better personalized mental models by visualizing possible future versions of yourself. Using photos and self-tracking data, our app generates 3-D models of your body over time. Our regression analysis algorithms take past data to calculate future probabilities. What will you look and feel like in a year – or 5 years or 10 years – if you ate a healthier diet, slept better, and exercised more? Our patented technology helps you see a range of possibilities and motivates you to make changes for a happier and healthier life.