Get your health questions answered.


Health Library


For payors and providers, Medical Avatar can help your patients gain health knowledge that may be critical to their care. Written to inform, engage, and empower, Krames StayWell‘s digital content package answers the health questions that concern your patients. The entire content is clinically reviewed and regularly updated. You can also edit the content yourself as needed to suit your priorities and care protocols.

Medical Avatar maps this award winning and comprehensive patient education resource to an image of the patient’s own body. When the patient is diagnosed with a condition or indicates interest in a specific health topic, all relevant information is immediately connected to the patient’s avatar.

Among the many features, the library content includes:

  • Thousands of articles on health conditions, tests, and procedures

  • The ability to translate content into 66 different languages

  • Calls-to-action to drive interaction and ROI

  • The ability to repurpose content for social media

  • Daily news updates

  • Branding to your organization

A fully functional demo of the English and Spanish content is online at: