Hospitals, doctors and insurance companies today are trying to get patients join them in managing their care. They call it “engagement.” So, you can sometimes get Medical Avatar through your doctor’s office, a hospital system, or through your health plan.
They want you to take care of small problems before they become big problems. They want you to click on their websites and stay up to date with your personal health record. They want you playing offense, not defense. They know that an informed patient is an engaged patient.
Medical Avatar can help with all of these.
Want to find out what to expect during each month of a pregnancy? Sure, no problem.
Want to know how to really lower your blood pressure and see how your blood vessels react? Go ahead. It’s all at your fingertips
Like texting. It’s in everyone’s hands. Text reminders from your doctor’s office after you leave the hospital or start on a new treatment plan is an easy add-on to Medical Avatar.
And, with a private-labelled hospital or health plan Medical Avatar you can find an in-network doctor 24/7, their office hours, phone number, address and a map of their location.
Medical Avatar can help you take control of your health – before it controls you. And the more you know the more you become a real player your care team.
And by playing offense with your health rather than defense, you might even be the MVP.

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