Perfetch Scanner

The Health Cube is a unique, smart body measurement system that tracks the progress of your ongoing fitness and nutrition regimen. Combined with the Medical Avatar app on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad, you can access your results on the go.

Traditionally, we rely on raw measurement numbers to track body changes. Now, we can see those changes through a series of 3-D models presented on your phone or tablet!

The Health Cube provides fast and accurate measurements of your entire body. Monitor body changes over time and dynamically customize your workout routines. The Health Cube also provides key information reflecting health conditions, including weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), and waist-to-hip ratio.

Good-bye, scales and tape measures, instead, step into the Health Cube and accelerate your fitness and body sculpting goals! It takes less than 5 seconds to get accurate measurements of your body.

It’s a fun experience using the Health Cube’s advanced 3D scanning technology! It’s also extremely satisfying to interact with the Medical Avatar mobile app to see your accomplishments, follow the suggested training plans, and connect with doctors, services, and events.

Visualizing positive changes in your body over time will encourage you to maintain a healthy workout routine and nutrition plan. With the Health Cube, all your body changes are tracked and recorded allowing you to compare differences over time. The Health Cube helps people set goals and specific plans, and gives you advice on how to achieve your goals. With the Health Cube, you will never be more motivated to stick to your fitness and nutrition plans – and become a healthier you!

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Perfetch Scanner


Patients step into the PerfetchTM Scanner to safely create realistic 3-D avatars with their exact body measurements.


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Data Tracking


Patients use their avatars to track symptoms, monitor EHR and wearables data, and communicate health changes.


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David's Health Transformation


Evidence-based interventions promote nutrition, fitness, diabetes management, and smoking cessation.


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Success Metrics


Payers and providers report improved outcomes and fewer readmissions within 30 days after hospital discharge.