For Payers and Providers

Medical Avatar now offers its patient engagement technology to payers and providers for reducing:

  • misdiagnoses
  • unnecessary procedures
  • length of hospital stay
  • readmissions post-discharge

These outcomes are achieved through eTools, patient-specific education, and other solutions built around the National eHealth Collaborative’s Patient Engagement Framework.

Our customers, such as Oakwood Healthcare and Yaffe Ruden and Associates, have been successful in engaging their patients.

Provider Triple Aim – Improve care. Reduce cost. Enhance patient experience.

One Key Strategy – Meaningful patient engagement that compels the individual to take action.

Medical Avatar is a personalized, interactive mobile patient app:
Designed to be an adhesive patient interface through visualization, which is
Believed to be a critical factor in changing patient behavior, and can
Complement most PHRs and website patient portals to increase their effectiveness
Made available to patients free of charge through the Apple iTunes store

Medical Avatar can help providers:
Increase patient health awareness
Improve patient compliance with medications and discharge instructions
Improve patient communication and connectivity with care teams
Reduce preventable readmissions
Implement population health strategies
Meet meaningful use objectives
Optimize eHealth initiatives
Build provider brand loyalty
The Medical Avatar app includes:
A personalized 3-D avatar of the user to actively “visualize” their body and health issues.
Anatomical point-and-click navigation to view comprehensive health libraries, videos, medical graphics and health content based on each user’s personal conditions / needs.
Direct marketing of clinical service lines, including physician profiles, contact information and locations.
If requested, a Symptom Tracker for visually conveying an individual patient’s history to physicians and care givers. (Apps like Medical Avatar may become a PCP’s best tool for treating more patients in less time with better outcomes.)
Medical Avatar can be:
Private labelled by any health system or provider group
Synced to the provider’s website

Download our new iPad mobile health app >


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