How do you excite, engage, and inspire your gym members?

The perfect solution for gaining new members, keeping them, and earning more revenue


Healthy Selfie Cube and App

Get the Healthy Selfie Cube and App

The Healthy Selfie Cube creates a 3-D scan of you with your exact body measurements. Our app allows you to view each scan and compare them over time to track your progress. Easy leasing options are available.

Revenue Share

Share in the Monthly Scan Revenue

Members’ first scans are free. To continue getting access to the Healthy Self Cube, members pay a small fee – with a portion paid directly to your gym! If your members decide to purchase meal plans or wearable devices through us, you’ll receive a revenue share as well!


Sarah tweeting after her workout

Superpower Your Social Media

Need more likes and follows? Want to better market your gym and retain members? We will provide you with template campaigns, images, posts, and tweets to encourage prospective and existing members to get scanned, share their scans, and promote your gym!


See how the Healthy Selfie can transform your fitness club membership

We license our patented technologies to health centers and hospitals across the U.S.