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How do you improve
the health of an entire state?

Kaiser Permanente reduced adult obesity rates in the entire state of Colorado, now considered one of the healthiest states in America.1 Branded as “Weigh and Win”, this innovative program set-up health kiosks in hospitals, doctor’s offices, libraries, YMCAs, schools, stores and other locations throughout the state. Each kiosk takes a full body photo, weighs the participants, connects them to live health coaching, and offers state-of-the-art web and mobile-based tools proven to inspire healthier behaviors. Cash prizes from $15 to $150 are awarded quarterly based on results.


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Losing Weight

-17.7 lbs

Per Participant (μ)

Medical Avatar’s Get a Healthy Selfie and Win! is a patented financial incentive program which offers large insurance companies the opportunity to reduce obesity rates within their memberships and in their communities at large. Less obesity in the population means fewer cases of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, and related cancers. Please review our extraordinary results and learn more about the program below.

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Get a Healthy Selfie and Win!

Among the Biggest Successes in Community Health and Wellness

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Percentage of Participants Who Lose Weight

75% of all participants who weighed-in at least twice reported a reduction in weight. N=9,761 for a cohort of 18,343 participants who enrolled over a two year period.

Average Monthly Weight Loss

Average pounds lost per quarter for participants losing weight (starting with BMI ≥ 25). Calculated for population of 18,343 participants over a two year period.

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