Blausen Medical and Medical Avatar LLC Announce Rich Media Content Licensing Agreement

November 21, 2013

Blausen 3D medical animations to be used in innovative Medical Avatar App for personal healthcare education, communication and motivation.
Houston, November 21, 2013 – Blausen Medical, developer and owner of the world’s largest library of 3D medical animations, has licensed more than 300 of its award-winning Human Atlas animations to Medical Avatar LLC for use in its Medical Avatar App. Medical Avatar LLC, based in New York City, develops and sells personalized mobile apps to increase consumers’ health knowledge and inspire practical changes in their health behavior. The company licenses its patented technologies to hospital systems, insurers, and consumer health organizations.

The Blausen content will be used as part of the proprietary Medical Avatar App, and in licensed white-label versions of the app for healthcare providers and payor clients. The app is designed to be a personalized interface that complements wellness and disease management programs, personal health records (PHRs), and website portals in order to increase their effectiveness.

Medical Avatar Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Wong added, “One of the major benefits of the Medical Avatar apps is better patient adherence to medications and post-discharge care directives. Non-adherence has been identified as being responsible for up to 40% of unnecessary hospital re-admissions. With Medical Avatar apps configured for payors, providers and employers, the high costs associated with non-adherence can be significantly reduced. We believe the Blausen rich media content will play an important role in engaging users’ interest and contribute to their better understanding of what are sometimes complex medical concepts.”

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About Blausen Medical

Blausen Medical, founded in 1991, is the developer, owner and licensor of the world’s largest library of medical and scientific illustrations and 3D animations. The Blausen Human Atlas is currently licensed and distributed via web, smart phone and tablet app platforms. In April of this year, the Company launched the search engine in conjunction with the Blausen It web browser extension. For more information regarding Blausen Group, please visit our website at

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About Medical Avatar LLC

Based in New York City, Medical Avatar LLC develops mobile apps to increase health knowledge and behavior change in users. Its apps can be branded for specific insurance companies, organizations, or hospital systems like Oakwood Healthcare. For more information, please visit

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For More Information

  • Blausen: Mike Hensgen ( 713-334-6722
  • Medical Avatar: Mark Nelson ( 952-925-1110

Oakwood Medical Avatar brings personalized health info to mobile devices

Mobile App for Oakwood Healthcare

It just became a lot easier to track your health and connect to any health services you may require.

Oakwood Healthcare has launched a first-of-its kind mobile application that will allow users to better manage their health, be more well-informed about their medical conditions and connect with an Oakwood physician or service to help them. The Oakwood Medical Avatar app can be personalized to show a three-dimensional image of the user’s body and is now available for free download for iPads and iPhones.

“In today’s tech-savvy world, people want more information at their fingertips—no matter where they are,” said Susan Hanchett, corporate director brand strategy & market development of Oakwood Healthcare. “We see this as a great way for patients and prospective patients to connect with us and to learn about the high quality services we provide.”

The Medical Avatar is designed to help educate users about their health and find available treatments to ease their symptoms through direct links to Oakwood doctors and services. Users can become more informed about medical issues, prepare better for medical procedures and help family members adhere to discharge instructions. The free app includes short videos that illustrate about 200 common health concerns and procedures.

“I see this as an art form that we’ve created as an app to allow you to visualize your health information in the past, present and future,” said Virgil Wong, co-inventor of the app and CEO of Medical Avatar, LLC. “It’s a way to help people understand and learn about their health in an easy and visual way.”

“We’re proud to be able to partner with Oakwood Healthcare on this,” said Wong. “This tool will help Oakwood stay on the forefront of emergent medical technology and provide better services to anyone who comes to Oakwood to receive care.”

Now only available for Apple products, an android version is also under development.

See the original press release on Oakwood Healthcare’s web site.

Medical Avatar and Krames Staywell collaborate to educate and inspire patients

The team at Medical Avatar is excited to announce its recent partnership with Krames StayWell (KSW), the largest provider of interactive, print and mobile patient education solutions, consumer health information, and population health management communications in the country.

Collaborating with KSW allows us to benefit our clients and users in several ways:

  • Expand our database from 900 to 60,000 health topics. This will help doctors and patients select exactly what they are looking for.
  • Better engage patients. KSW regularly runs focus groups with a variety of patient groups, giving us deeper insight into the core needs of patients.
  • Enhance our feature set. From text messaging to patient portals, KSW lets our clients interact with their patients across multiple channels.

Our combined goal over the next 6 months is to integrate our offerings in a way that is most beneficial to our clients and users.

Stay tuned!