HXRefactored Conference

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APRIL 8, 2016 | BOSTON, MA

Featuring a closing keynote this year by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, the HXRefactored conference focuses on improving health experiences through technology and design. Gathering more than 600 cross-disciplinary thinkers and practitioners and through an inspired mix of thought-provoking talks, workshops, and discussions, HxRefactored applies design, science, evidence, and theory to re-imagine the entire health journey, and find new ways to deliver that vision.
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Medical Avatar CEO Virgil Wong presented in Behavior Change Design, moderated by Dustin DiTommaso, Senior Vice President at Mad*Pow. Wong discussed time travel visualization technologies in transforming health behaviors through applications of the self-reference effect, the Proteus effect, and futuristic episodic thinking from the health psychology literature. He also shared Medical Avatar’s community health and corporate wellness programs alongside their impressive performance in the four “RRRRs”: Reach, Retention, Results, and ROI.
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