Crain’s New York Features Medical Avatar

Virgil Wong, CEO of Medical Avatar, was interviewed for today’s issue of Crain’s Health Pulse, a daily newsletter published by Crain’s New York. A brief quotation from the publication reads:

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”normal” background=”plain”]Columbia researcher Virgil Wong started Medical Avatar to encourage patient engagement with their electronic health records. Just 1% to 2% of patients engage with their EHRs, he said, because when a patient logs in, he sees the same data as doctors. “You’re seeing test results and raw data—there’s a lot of interpretation required, and a lack of ability to use the data in a meaningful way,” he added. Medical Avatar creates systems that pull EHR data onto a virtual model of the patient’s body, creating a visual history of symptoms or procedures. This approach also gets patients more emotionally invested in their own care, thanks to something called the self-reference effect, said Mr. Wong. “Having patients using their own body as a model makes it a little more relatable and easier to process,” he said.[/dt_quote]

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