Blausen Medical and Medical Avatar LLC Announce Rich Media Content Licensing Agreement

November 21, 2013

Blausen 3D medical animations to be used in innovative Medical Avatar App for personal healthcare education, communication and motivation.
Houston, November 21, 2013 – Blausen Medical, developer and owner of the world’s largest library of 3D medical animations, has licensed more than 300 of its award-winning Human Atlas animations to Medical Avatar LLC for use in its Medical Avatar App. Medical Avatar LLC, based in New York City, develops and sells personalized mobile apps to increase consumers’ health knowledge and inspire practical changes in their health behavior. The company licenses its patented technologies to hospital systems, insurers, and consumer health organizations.

The Blausen content will be used as part of the proprietary Medical Avatar App, and in licensed white-label versions of the app for healthcare providers and payor clients. The app is designed to be a personalized interface that complements wellness and disease management programs, personal health records (PHRs), and website portals in order to increase their effectiveness.

Medical Avatar Chief Executive Officer, Virgil Wong added, “One of the major benefits of the Medical Avatar apps is better patient adherence to medications and post-discharge care directives. Non-adherence has been identified as being responsible for up to 40% of unnecessary hospital re-admissions. With Medical Avatar apps configured for payors, providers and employers, the high costs associated with non-adherence can be significantly reduced. We believe the Blausen rich media content will play an important role in engaging users’ interest and contribute to their better understanding of what are sometimes complex medical concepts.”

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About Blausen Medical

Blausen Medical, founded in 1991, is the developer, owner and licensor of the world’s largest library of medical and scientific illustrations and 3D animations. The Blausen Human Atlas is currently licensed and distributed via web, smart phone and tablet app platforms. In April of this year, the Company launched the search engine in conjunction with the Blausen It web browser extension. For more information regarding Blausen Group, please visit our website at

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About Medical Avatar LLC

Based in New York City, Medical Avatar LLC develops mobile apps to increase health knowledge and behavior change in users. Its apps can be branded for specific insurance companies, organizations, or hospital systems like Oakwood Healthcare. For more information, please visit

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For More Information

  • Blausen: Mike Hensgen ( 713-334-6722
  • Medical Avatar: Mark Nelson ( 952-925-1110

Telehealth & Telecare Aware Highlights Medical Avatar

New York (November 16, 2013)

Donna Cusano, Editor In Chief of Telehealth & Telecare Aware, wrote about Medical Avatar in her analysis and overview of the 2013 New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) Digital Health Conference.

Her description of CEO Virgil Wong’s main stage presentation, Time Travel Simulations for Transformative Health, reads as follows:

Medical Avatar can best be described as a mashup of art, patient engagement, It’s a Wonderful Life and The Portrait of Dorian Grey. By visualizing the road you shouldn’t travel health-wise, it uses the avatar and an anatomically correct body/parts to project outcomes based on your behavior in order to change it. For smokers, showing osteoporosis, amputations and aging skin can be a convincing revelation. On the positive side, a patient can use it to depict their condition and their symptoms, which are converted into a pictorial representation on the whole body that can aid a doctor in diagnosis. CEO Virgil Wong took us on a short journey through its evolution and also a related study on using visualization in a smoking cessation research study at Columbia University.

The full article can be read online at:
NYeC Digital Health Conference 2013: The Trends

Telehealth & Telecare Aware provides specialized, free news and information service since 2005 to people interested in telecare and telehealth. Its purpose is to help suppliers and service providers around the world keep up to date with what each other are doing.

Thank you, Donna!

Medical Avatar Talks Time Travel and Design at Leading NY Digital Health Conference

New York (November 15, 2013)

Medical Avatar presented Time Travel Simulations for Transformative Health on Friday, November 15th at the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) Conference, New York’s leading event showcasing practical, innovative, and inspiring advancements in health information technology.

Virgil Wong, CEO of Medical Avatar, demonstrated how 3-D time travel simulations of a patient’s own body can improve health content comprehension, inspire behavior changes, and visually communicate complex symptoms and medical histories. Time travel simulations are helping patients better understand their past medical data and empowering them to make changes in the present to strengthen their chances for a healthier future.

The personalized mental models of patients shape daily health behaviors. These behaviors can reduce the threat of chronic diseases, which account for 70% of deaths annually in the U.S. and more than 75% of the $2.7 trillion cost of healthcare. Good choices patients make day-to-day regarding nutrition, fitness, and stress management can reverse conditions like diabetes and heart disease and support decades of optimal health and well-being.

Also, Katie McCurdy, Medical Avatar’s Chief Patient Experience Officer, will be moderating a panel on Better Healthcare by Design: How Data Visualization, Behavior Change Techniques, and User-Centered Design Can Create Successful Products.

Both presentations generated over a hundred tweets among the health care providers, IT innovators, health leadership, start-ups, hospital officials, group practice managers, investors, and entrepreneurs in attendance.


Buzz about Time Travel Simulations for Health

Buzz about Better Healthcare by Design