We cut health care costs and empower people


Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Join over 60 companies across the U.S. and save $1,011 per year per employee in healthcare costs.

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Community Wellness

Community Wellness

How do you improve the health of an entire state? Kaiser Permanente did it in Colorado.

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Gym Member Engagement

Fitness Inspiration

How can gyms excite, engage, and inspire their members? Seeing is believing.

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Body Interact - Touchscreen Table Version

Physician Engagement

Virtual patients simulate specific diseases for physicians to learn new diagnostics and treatments.

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See how Medical Avatar can help your company

We license our patented technologies to help companies reduce healthcare costs, improve outcomes, and empower people.



Watch our TED Talk

CEO Virgil Wong introduced the Medical Avatar at a TED event in the Hiro Ballroom in New York City.

The Oakwood Medical Avatar

We built a custom patient engagement app for Oakwood Healthcare, a four hospital system in Detroit, Michigan.

Genesis of the Medical Avatar

Medical Avatar is a state-of-the-art visualization tool for patients, providers, and payers to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Medical Avatar Introduction

We create a 3-D anatomical version of you on your phone or tablet and connect all of your health data to it.