The World’s Most Amazing Virtual Patient Simulations

Teach the next generation of physicians without putting patients at risk



Evidence-based Protocols

Pre-configured clinical cases are based on real-life guidelines and authoritative clinical research.

Realistic Simulations

Patient behaviors are life-like! Administer diagnostic and treatment protocols in real-time.

Team Building

Physicians, GPs, residents, nurses, and medical students learn to collaborate more effectively.


Immediate feedback and debriefing tools help establish integrative thinking about clinical decisions.


Body Interact - Tablet Version

iPad and Surface Version

Best for individual users and smaller groups. Apps can include your logo on the opening screen and academic discounts.

Body Interact - Touchscreen Table Version

Interactive Table Version

Best for simulation centers and team environments. We offer competitive pricing for both the table version software and the interactive table hardware.


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Body Interact is an essential, evidence-based, and low-cost clinical training tool. See it for yourself.


Body Interact