We cut health care costs and empower people


Based in New York City, Medical Avatar LLC develops and sells personalized mobile apps that increase health knowledge and inspire practical changes in health behavior. It licenses its patented technologies to help hospital systems, insurers, and consumer health organizations reduce the cost of care. Most recently, Medical Avatar has created state-of-the-art mobile apps for Oakwood Healthcare, a system of four acute care hospitals, over 50 outpatient facilities, and 1,300 physicians – as well as Yaffe Ruden & Associates, a 50,000 patient medical practice in New York City.
Virgil Wong


Virgil Wong is an internationally recognized technologist, artist, and researcher at Columbia University. With expertise in visualization, cognition, and psychology, he creates medical time travel simulations to inspire behavior change and improve outcomes. He designed the Medical Avatar as a tool to empower patients and employ evidence-based practices for reducing the astronomical costs of healthcare.

Lawrence H. Krampf


Lawrence H. Krampf has over 30 years of experience in advertising and marketing for industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, insurance, retail, finance, technology, fashion, and entertainment. He was founder of Krampf Communications and Princeton Communications Group, who amassed over 200 peer-reviewed awards. Larry served as CEO and Principal of Marke Communications and is Executive Director of CI-Group.

Brian Larry


Brian Larry has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He has spent the last 6 years building a delivery, installation, and sales business that has delivered equipment to 85% of the fitness locations in his region. Brian's expertise is in developing marketing strategies to help promote fitness products, generate higher retention rates for gym owners, and create better experiences for gym clients.

Kóan Jeff Baysa, M.D.
Kóan Jeff Baysa, M.D.


Kóan Jeff Baysa is a physician, writer, editor, WISP Curatorial Alumnus, and AICA member who networks the areas of medical science and contemporary culture. Dr. Baysa produces interactive exhibitions and forums that focus on health perception, acculturation, sustainability, access to creative experiences, and the sensate human being.

Mark Nelson


Mark Nelson is a marketing and business specialist who has partnered with major medical centers and insurance plans to develop innovative solutions for health care delivery and finance. His experience includes national hospital network development, healthcare start-ups, provider IT, and corporate payer management.

Jessica Lacson


Jessica Lacson is a software engineer and computer scientist with extensive application development experience at Weill Cornell Medical College, NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital, and the U.S. Department of Defense. She has expertise in Objective-C, Java, Flex, Actionscript, XML, XSL, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and C++.